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Areti Vassou CV 2017 Digital Marketing Specialist

CV Available in PDF Areti Vassou Digital Marketing Specialist


Design and technology have always been my passion and call. Working in this field since 2000 including B2B – B2C industry & freelance field what I’ve learned up to know, is that there is no limit to the expectations and goals if creativity is involved. Team and personal achievements are based on two stepping stones: to try out the less traveled path and always be the example.

Marketing is not the purpose. Communication is the purpose. No one wants to just get a product, but to gain the value behind the brand.

Therefore my steps up to here have built strong business relationships that last for years and that is reflected in the digital marketing strategy of the brands. Tell the story, be unique, speak the truth and respect all beings are the core values that make a difference. We are here to make life better for us and for the next generations.

Fascinated by the miracle of life.

Always curious what is in the next corner

and never stop learning.

I am the founder of IDEADECO that Make Ideas Happen at Social Media Strategy, SEO, SEM, Digital Architecture, Web Design, Freelance Writing, Content & Email Marketing, Graphic Design, Digital Copywriting & Blogging.

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CV Available in PDF Areti Vassou Digital Marketing Specialist

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